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Best Leather Sewing Machines

Many times you’ll find machines that have been listed as the best choices to work on leather when, in fact, they’re not even close to what you’d really need, whether you are a professional leather crafter or a hobbyist. My goal today is to lead you on the right path...

The Best Hand Leather Sewing Machines

A super complete article on the Best Sewing Machines for Leather, plus Comparison Charts and Buyer's Guide...

Best Walking Foot Machines For Leather & Heavy Fabrics

Top 7 Best Walking Foot Machines for Leather and Heavy Materials #7. Reliable 4000SW Walking Foot Sewing Machine Review Ideal for: Medium to Thick Leather. Medium to Heavy Materials.   Reliable 4000SW is a basic heavy-duty sewing machine that performs best when used at moderate speed with the included servo...

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